kidsnmeOh hi, I’m Allie — a mom of two boys living in San Diego, CA.

I eat McDonald’s several times a week, drive an SUV, and am generally not conscious about the things I consume or do.

Basically, I’m the last person on earth that should be blogging about eco-friendly living (besides my mom, who exclusively uses Styrofoam cups — MORE ON THAT LATER).

But here’s the deal: deep down inside I care about how the planet is going to sh*t and what that means for our kids (yes, CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL and have y’all seen that documentary about plastic in the ocean?).

So I’m going to try to change. I’m learning more about what each of us can do to make a difference. I believe that small steps can make an impact — especially if more of us are doing it.

And if it isn’t obvious by now, I am not an expert AT ALL. You could say that I am the opposite of an expert on this topic. So please do share your tips for eco-friendly living in the comments and by contacting me. THX!