Green living tip of the day: You’re gonna need these 4 everyday essentials to start ditching plastic completely

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you choose to purchase any of the items below, I may receive a small commission — at no extra cost to you! 

A key to living more ecofriendly is ditching plastic, I’m learning.

Here’s the deal. Plastics are bad for a few reasons: they don’t biodegrade and they stay in the environment forever, they contain additives that are bad for your health, and they are made using non-renewable resources (petroleum). Those are some pretty good reasons to go plastic-free to me!

But where to start? I recommend starting by giving up the top four single-use plastic items — a tip I picked up from the Plastic-Free July challenge. The Top Four are takeaway coffee cups, bags, straws, and bottles.

Finding plastic-free stuff should be easier. But everything is made out of plastic these days!

I’ve put together a list of some stuff you can pick up to start your plastic-free journey and *at least* replace some of the disposable items.

4 everyday essentials you’re gonna need to start ditching plastic completely

1. Reusable shopping bag


If you don’t have a reusable shopping bag yet, consider getting this one from Life Without Plastic (affiliate link). It’s durable, made out of cotton canvas, and your purchase supports the Plastic Pollution Coalition — an org that is doing awesome work to combat plastic pollution in the environment. Sure, there’s cheaper bags out there, but most of them are made of plastic (*sigh*) and terrible quality. Not the case with this bag!

2. Reusable glass bottle

soma bottle

It’s true — I’m a sucker for a stylish water bottle. And this one definitely fits the bill. It’s by Soma and you can buy it here on Amazon using my affiliate link. The bottle is made out of glass and the cap is made out of bamboo. Yes, there is some plastic in the cap BUT THOSE COLORED SILICONE SLEEVES THO. I *need* the blush and/or mint.

By the way, finding water bottles that are completely plastic-free is tough. Personally, I think it is most important to stop using single-use plastic and that’s all I agreed to in my pledge, remember? But if you’re really committied yourself to that Plastic-Free Lyfe, check out this also cute, no-plastic bottle (affiliate link).

3. Reusable stainless steel coffee cup

Many people loveeee their Klean Kanteens. You can get one on Amazon here using my affiliate link. I don’t have one yet because I’m still using my old mug. Don’t forget! The most ecofriendly thing you can do is not buy anything new if don’t need it!

Back to the Klean Kanteen. It’s stainless steel, keeps drinks hot up to 6 hours, and all the K’s remind me (lovingly) of the Kardashians. Yes, it is another one with a plastic cap. But by using any type of reusable coffee mug, you are helping to prevent literally billions of non-recyclable coffee mugs from ending up in the landfill (4 billion Starbucks cups alone go to landfill each year, EEK).

4. Bamboo straws


Sure, you can just go a month without ’em. But sometimes you just really want to drink your Thai iced tea out of a straw (=me, always).

I’ve come across a few different types of non-plastic straws since I started living more ecofriendly. There are some made of glass and stainless steel (which I have), but I’m kind of getting into these bamboo ones. They’re only a few bucks each and they will last years and years.

If you are feeling like you need some bamboo straws to help get you through Plastic-Free July, you can buy them here using my affiliate link.

Are you ready to go plastic-free yet? Do it, do it!

And please, share more ideas and products in the comments to help all of us ditch the plastic.

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