A month without plastic?? Unlock the busy mom’s secret to tackling Plastic-Free July like a boss

Hello! Have you accepted the Plastic-Free July challenge yet? Are you asking yourself what the hell is Plastic-Free July?

Well, since 2011 people around the globe have been celebrating Plastic-Free July as a month to raise awareness about plastic pollution (YUCK) *and* to challenge ourselves to use less plastic.

It’s my first Plastic-Free July and I’m. So. Excited. (!!!)

Okay, but here’s the deal: I just recently started my green living journey. Which means I’m not ready to go completely plastic-free. Like, at all.

But guess what? Plastic-Free July is for everybody, including all of us newbies and/or slackers.

Sure, giving up all plastic is great.

But here’s the secret. You can still do a whole lotta good by just giving up the top four single-use plastic items:

  1. BAGS

In fact, you can take the pledge to stop using only the top four during Plastic-Free July.

That’s not so hard, right? Well, I’m about to make it even easier. Check out my list of four everyday essentials to replace those disposables and get ready to tackle Plastic-Free July.

tackle plastic free july like a boss

Plastic-Free July is going to be so much fun, you guys.

We’re going to take the Top Four pledge (or maybe give up plastic completely??), and we’re going to do our part to save the planet.

Make sure to join our Facebook group, Green Living for Busy Moms, for lots more tips on going plastic-free during the month of July!

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