The Paris Climate Agreement: turn outrage into action

Oh geez what a time to start caring about the environment. Today, in a serious setback for climate action, President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Accord — a landmark agreement signed by nearly every country in the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the pace of global warming. 

Being new to this whole green living thing, I was taken aback by my level of outrage. But it’s because I’ve been learning more about climate change and how serious of a threat it is to our planet and future. Today’s bad news has made me even more determined to do my part and reduce our family’s carbon footprint. 

The good news is that there are several actions *we* can take to save the environment.

The Sierra Club has a list of 10 Things You Can Do To Resist Trump’s Historic Paris Mistake, including:

  • Join the Beyond Coal Campaign to urge your governor to move your state to clean energy.
  • #SaveTheEPA: Write to your congressman to oppose Trump’s toxic budget that slashes funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • (My personal fave) Tweet and post on Facebook using the hashtag #ParisAgreement to make your opposition heard.

And there’s more you can do! The reason why I started this green living journey is because I believe in the power of individuals to make change. And, the more of us who are doing it, the bigger our impact will be. 

I’m learning that there are lots of easy and simple changes you can make to reduce your impact on the environment. The New York Times has a list of seven steps individuals can take, including:

  • Reduce red meat and dairy consumption (something I’ve been doing)
  • Take the bus more (something I haven’t been doing)
  • Buy less, waste less (something I really should be doing)

I’m not going to pretend like today’s news is not seriously disappointing, but it can’t stop millions of us from continuing to make a positive impact. So let’s do this!

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