Eco-friendly living: the start of our journey

I’m Allie, a busy mom trying to navigate daily life with two kids under two while also caring about the environment. I eat McDonalds multiple times a week and drive an SUV — but want to do better! You can read more about me here.

Recently, I started a company making products for babies and kids (I’m the first mom ever to do this, by the way). While researching different materials, I learned that everything is toxic and ruining the planet. Specifically many baby blankets and playmats, including the ones my kids roll around on all day, are made of plastics and foam that stay in the universe foreverrrr. Not to mention the bad working conditions being used to make them.

I decided that I’m just not cool with adding another toxic, non-sustainable, or unethical product to the market. So I’m developing something better (stay tuned!).

But back to the blog. Learning more about sustainable materials led to being inspired to learn more about eco- friendly living in general. My husband is shocked, but really it isn’t completely out of the blue.

I have long been bothered by news about global warming, pollution, and don’t *even* show me a picture of a sprawling landfill. In the past I felt like there was nothing I can do about it, which is probably what stops many of us from making changes to our daily lives.

As a first step I am going to learn more about eco-friendly living. HELP! Where should I start?



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